The Funniest Wedding Photos Ever

The wonderment of a wedding is a memory that lasts a lifetime. It’s a time when you take that leap into a holy bond that will bind you and your new spouse until death do you part.

It’s a solemn and serious occasion that needs to be handled with the utmost care and tactfulness. Well, that’s how it’s supposed to be anyway, but these photos prove that not everyone is onboard with the serious nature of a wedding.


Okay, there is a funny nature to this picture, but let’s face it; wouldn’t you love to see your future spouse looking this good in a bikini wedding outfit?


I have no idea what this chick is thinking. Why is she marrying this guy when the best man is Spiderman? Unless Superman shows up, then she should grab the webbed-wonder and kick that mere mortal to the curb.


Does this guy have no friends that he could ask to be best man, or is he taking this “man’s best friend” thing a little too far? Oh well, dog biscuits make inexpensive wedding party gifts.


This couple wanted a cake topper that reflected their first date, which took place at a pool parlor, so they used a cue ball and an eight ball.


One of three things is going on in this picture: 1) The bride has really long legs. 2) The groom is trying to hide from his bride. 3) The groom is trying to get a head start on the honeymoon!


I can understand why this bride looks upset. I would be mad if my wedding cake looked better than I did too. This bride looks good enough to eat (I mean the cake of course).


The theme of this wedding is Hello Kitty, which sort of eliminates any chance you had of being taken seriously. This will be either a day to remember or a day to forget. Hopefully the Powerpuff Girls showed up in time. They were the maids of honor after all.


This chick is enjoying herself a little too much. Someone might want to take that bottle away from her.


Either these people really like aliens, or their makeup person needs glasses.


Whoever said white men can’t jump has obviously never met this guy. Look at the airtime he is getting!


I bet you never thought you would see a woman getting married while wearing a parka and stuffing a hot dog in her face. Well, today is your lucky day.


I see two things wrong with carting your bride to the altar in a front loader. First off, doesn’t that make her feel fat? Secondly, her white dress is getting filthy!


Most new grooms make it until at least the honeymoon before they get the urge to choke out their new bride, but not this guy.


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